Dear Heavenly Father,

   I thank you for giving me and my friends the life and strength. I want to come to you and thank you for giving me the time to creat this wiki. Please protect this wiki from vandilism and if it is vandilised, I pray that the correct action may be given to punish the spammer. I thank you for this and all other blessings. In Christ Jesus' name I pray, Amen!

-LegoCityFan8 , Founder and C.E.O of this wiki-


  • As per wikia guidlines, any user who comes onto this wiki must be 13 or over. Any user found under the age limit will be banned.
  • Do not spam the wiki. Anything that has nothing to do with this series will be banned. 
  • Keep religious and political arguments off of this wiki. 
  • No dissing anyone, including yourself. Everyone has bad days, but we don't want to hear them on this wiki. 
  • Do not get on another users nerves. If they ask you to leave them alone, just do it. 
  • Don't whine when your edits are rolled back or further tweaked. Edits are undone on every wiki.  
  • Please do not backseat moderate. If you see a user breaking a rule, you don't tell them about it. You go to an admin or a chat moderator and they will take care of it.  
  • This may be an obvious rule, but please be respectful to everyone, especially to the admins who have the authority to ban anyone who steps out of line. 

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